What is EasyWeb4J?

EasyWeb4J is an end-to-end stack for Java web application development. Its design is inspired by Ruby on Rails. It provides seamless integration with Hibernate and JPA for ORM and automatically manages transactions.

EasyWeb4J uses open-session-in-view pattern with 2 transactions per request to cleanly handle lazy initializations in Hibernate without the application developer having to worry about it.

Some of the benefits EasyWeb4J offers are,

  • Minimal XML configuration (Hibernate/JPA configuration).
  • Out of the box support for pretty URLs.
  • Does not require using custom tags where standard HTML elements work just fine. So HTML pages from designers can be used directly with very little modification.
  • Simple and yet very effective layout system.
  • Handles transactions and lazy initializations without the developer having to worry about them.

Understand EasyWeb4J's request processing and follow the Tutorial to get yourself started with EasyWeb4J.


EasyWeb4J binary releases can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net's Download Page.


The latest source code of EasyWeb4J can be checked out from its Git repository.

git clone git://github.com/tuxychandru/easyweb4j.git

Alternatively, you can also browse the repository.

Report Bugs and Enhancements

You can report bugs and enhancements in EasyWeb4J's Issues Page.


Visit the project news page to know the latest news on EasyWeb4J. You can also visit the official Blog for HOW-TOs and other updates.